Department of Psychology, National Taiwan University

Su-Ling Yeh, Professor

Ph.D., UC Berkeley

Honors & Awards: Academic Award of the Ministry of Education, Recipient of Distinguished Research Award of National Science Council of Taiwan, Distinguished Teaching Award of National Taiwan University, Da-Yo Memorial Research Award, Research Contribution Award in Humanities and Social Science.

Research interests: Consciousness, Attention, Multisensory perception, Chinese Character Recognition, and Applied Research on Image Processing and Displays.

Current research topics: Unconscious and conscious processing, the relationship between attention and consciousness, Cross-modal processing (vision, audition, touch, smell, and taste), mechanisms of object-based attention, top-down and bottom-up interactions in attentional capture, Use of Chinese characters in understanding perception and language processing in general and Chinese character recognition in specific, applied vision. (Click ˇ§Researchˇ¨ below for more details)

Courses: Sensation and Perception, Cross-modal Information Processing, Consciousness and Perception, Issues on Visual Perception, Visual Information Processing, Illusion: Theory and Practice, Dual System of Human Cognition


Contact information:; +886-2-33663097; 33663955

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