Department of Psychology, National Taiwan University

Su-Ling Yeh, Professor

Ph.D., UC Berkeley

Recipient of Academic award of Ministry of Eduction, Distinguished Research Award of National Science Council of Taiwan, Distinguished Teaching Award of National Taiwan University, Da-Yo Memorial Research Award, Research Contribution Award in Humanities and Social Science.

Research interests: Consciousness, Attention, Multisensory perception, Chinese Character Recognition, and Applied Research on Image Processing and Displays.

Current research topics: Unconscious and conscious processing, the relationship between attention and consciousness, Cross-modal processing (vision, audition, touch, smell, and taste), mechanisms of object-based attention, top-down and bottom-up interactions in attentional capture, Use of Chinese characters in understanding perception and language processing in general and Chinese character recognition in specific, applied vision, human-computer-robot interaction, AI and human study. (Click "Research" below for more details)

Courses: Sensation and Perception, Cross-modal Information Processing, Consciousness and Perception, Issues on Visual Perception, Visual Information Processing, Illusion: Theory and Practice, Dual System of Human Cognition, Blue Light, Sleep, and Psychology, Scientific Writing

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Contact information:; +886-2-33663097; 33663955

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